March 18, 2024 → 2024→ body

ダイロッカン:dai6okkan 2024 | 6okken – Yamanashi, Japan | Residency Art Festival

6okken will hold a month-long residency art festival 'dai 6okkan 2024' from March 1 – 31, 2024. 18 artists are invited to join the artist residency (March 18 – 31) and the art festival (March 30 – 31). 

Since 2022, 6okken has been operating an 'artist-run residence' in Kawaguchiko Town, Yamanashi Prefecture, based in six cottages, where living/expressive activities/management are combined, participating in art festivals across the country, collaborating with art institutions worldwide, and developing and practicing camp-based workshops.

Through cross-disciplinary dialogue with the 'outside', we are working to increase the number of'perspectives that would disappear from the world if we let go of them' and the environment to protect them.

Artists from abroad will participate in the camp, making it a site for artistic practice that transcends language barriers. In addition to the main programme mentioned above, the camp will propagate knowledge, inspiration and networks of new artistic practices from the foot of Mt Fuji through exchange programmes with people from art festivals, universities and cultural organizations from Japan and abroad, community lunches with local people and online transmission throughout the month.

(text by 6okken)

▢参加アーティスト分野を超えて国内外から集まった18名のアーティストが参加。VISION・TOUCH・AUDITIONの3グループに分かれ14日間の滞在制作を実施し、会期終盤、フィナーレとなる3月30日と31日の2日間には、そのすべてのプロセスを追体験するパフォーマンスとワークショップが行われます。安齋 励應/ Astrid Braide Eriksson/ Adam Gustafsson/ 今宿 未悠/ 大上 巧真/ 太田 遥月/ 加藤 昌美/ Gabi Schilli/  川島 大輔/ 後藤 宙/ 小宮りさ麻吏奈/ ソー・ソウエン/ 豊島 彩花/ 中尾 一平/ 二藤 建人/ 花形 槙/ 三好 彼流/  Hyejeong Yun


March 01, 2024 → 2024→ architecture

architektur kollektiv | Interview

"architektur kollektiv spoke to Gabi Schillig, who „explores and shapes performative, dialogical spatial structures and spaces of communication“ in her work. At Raumklasse @ UdK Berlin she passes on her knowledge and experience to students. In this interview Caroline Steffen talked to her about her project ‚soft spaces machines’, collaborating with dancers, her way of illustrating concepts and what she wants to pass on to her students."

interview #25 / gabi schillig

February 08, 2024 → 2024→ lecture

SAIC – School of the Art Institute of Chicago | USA | Lecture

Gabi got invited by Nelly Agassi to give a talk about her work within the scope of her class at SAIC – School of the Art Institute of Chicago on "Soft Logic" in which "students will focus on the idea of softness and develop projects framed with readings on affect, intimacy, radical softness, touch, and soft identities."

School of the Art Institute of Chicago – SAIC

January 12, 2024 → 2024→ book

Kobo Chika Gallery | Tokyo, Japan | Artists´ Book Week

The Artists´ Book Week at Kobo Chika Gallery in Tokyo will take place from January 12 – 21, 2024. Gabi´s books and catalogs will be part of the show. 

Kobo Chika Gallery
2-chōme-23 Ebisu, Shibuya City
Tokyo 150-0013, Japan

OPEN 水 - 日 13:00-19:00 (日・祝日 18:00まで、最終日 17:00まで)
CLOSED 月・火 (月曜日が祝日の場合も休廊)      

Kobo Chika

December 02, 2023 → 2023→ exhibition

Kobo Chika Gallery | Tokyo, Japan | soft space machines | Exhibition

soft space machines 
metamorphoses of (super)flatness

performance and activation by Yui Kawaguchi 
December 02, 2023

artist talk 
December 06, 2023

December 02 – 08, 2023 
opening hours 1–7pm
Mon/Tue closed


Kobo Chika Gallery
2-chōme-23 Ebisu, Shibuya City
Tokyo 150-0013, Japan

Kobo Chika Gallery

November 13, 2023

Aomori Contemporary Art Centre | Japan | Artist-in-Residence

Gabi will be a guest artist / artist-in-residence at ACAC – Aomori Contemporary Art Centre in Japan from November 13 – 26, 2023. 

Aomori Contemporary Art Center

Nov 07, 2023 → 2023→ lecture

Dialogical Spaces – Spaces of Communication | Musashino Art University Tokyo, Japan | Lecture

Gabi will give a lecture on both, her artistic work and teaching at UdK Berlin, at Musahino Art University Tokyo.

November 07, 2023 – 17h

MAU Takanodai Campus
Bldg. 2, Room 206

Musashino Art University 
1-736 Ogawa-cho, Kodaira-shi
Tokyo187-8505, Japan

Musashino Art University Tokyo

Saiko Neon | Lake Saiko, Japan | Artist-in-Residence

Gabi got invited as artist-in-residence at Saiko Neon in Japan for autumn 2023.

"Saiko Neon is an artist-in-residence set up on the shore of Lake Saiko, one of Fuji Five Lakes in Yamanashi Prefecture. Lake Saiko is located in the foot of Fuji, less than two hours away from Tokyo, and offers a glimpse of the magnificent natural environment and various Japanese cultures." (text: Saiko Neon)

Saiko Neon

Wearable Houses | Tamagawa University Tokyo, Japan | with Susan Pietzsch | Talk & Workshop


October 4 – 6, 2023
Tokyo – Japan 

家を身に纏う 建築がジュエリーになる時


スーザン・ピーチ(SCHMUCK  創始者)およびガビ・シリッグ(ベルリン芸術大学 空間および展覧会デザイン講座教授)の2名のドイツ人アーティストによるワークショップ。

wearable houses – how jewellery from architecture grows

At a time when informations and data dominate our lives, there is an urgent need to re-engage with physical space. By exploring specific architectural situations, we will develop an awareness of structures and forms that enable us to perceive beauty and the ornamental, giving stability to our inner and outer world going beyond pure function.

Through transmissions into other materials and dimensions, a new and expanded imagination of jewellery and architecture, two artistic forms that relate to the body in a very specific way, enfolds.

The aim is to experience and understand the potential of both for one's own personality and self-image through new perceptions. From large to very small, jewellery and architecture, in their very own quality, hold a scale for multilayered modes of action in social interaction and communication.

A workshop by the German artists Susan Pietzsch (founder of SCHMUCK2) and Gabi Schillig (Studio for Dialogical Spaces, Berlin & professor for Spatial and Exhibition Design at the Berlin University of the Arts).

Susan Pietzsch
Schmuck 2
Tamagawa University

ca o studio / Yuto Takamuro

Oct 3, 2023 → 2023

Future(s) Of Space | Tama Art University Tokyo, Japan | Lecture

Gabi will be giving a guest lecture at Tama Art University at the Department for Architecture and Environmental Design. 

October 3rd, 2023
16.30 – 18.00h

Tama Art University, Tokyo 
Graduate School and Faculty of Art and Design
Haijochi Campus
2-1723 Yarimizu Hachioji, Tokyo 192-0394

Tama Art University
Department of Architecture and Environmental Design